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Advantages of the registration

The registration isn't connected to any costs at present. With this registration I wouldn't like to collect data over the users, it is, however, necessary for feature programs, at those of the users should save data on the server. However, it a test user also present (user: admin / pw: test) at the disposal to look at the individual tools around themselves more nearly.

The positive balance of the registration:
  • Inventory management of the own collection: The card stock of one's own can be changed and stored of some places. Where: Search query, card detail view, ...
  • Collection analyses: The card stock of one's own can be illustrated to diagrams in many variants. The evaluations are the most important plus at the total price of the collection here. Where: Member area.
  • Deck Builder: Decks of one's own can get registered, checked and prepared. Where: Member area.
  • Regression analysis of single cards: The price of single cards in the course of time can be comprehended. So the pricing becomes more considerably single cards and a trend can be shown. Where: Card detail view.
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