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Yu-Gi-Oh! - OCG TCG Card Database

15764 German, 17638 English and 16647 Japanese cards ... are contained in the database at the moment. More statistics?

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This page is about the nice Trading Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is a database+ which both horizontally and vertically diversifies. I.e. a database is also included to the rather unknown TCG "Myths and Legends" and not only a Yu-Gi-Oh!-database - also further information is offered around this TCG.

This database offers two competences:
  • a very pure data stock with all German, English and Japanese cards.
  • price analyses at the cards/market prices. These prices are decided on an algorithm and don't have to seem realistic in every case.
A card data set contains here more when only the generally usual information:
  • rule information (netRep is also tied up).
  • representation in Japanese signs.
  • price information.
  • rest editions of the same card.

If you still want to make pictures of cards (no pictures from other sides) or you suggestions have / want to report faults as regards content - then send an e-mail to YGO-DB© These are then taken into the page at the next update. Even if a picture is existing you then can also scan some new if it looks better. E.g. I just have some cards only in a played condition.
Please writes to myCards© at things requiredly put on this fast reaction (the side is offline ..., general contact).

Special thanks goes to: shriek, Darkangel, NightDreamer

Who would like to help concrete still a little? Things which still would be nice:
  • Pictures which still must be scanned: German, Japanese and English. However, paying attention to the number exactly. If e.g. (ULR) stands behind this, then the Ultimate card is needed. And not pictures from other sides!
  • Look around a little ... some articles still should be translated into English. e.g. fakes and misprints.
  • Some articles also could be written ... e.g. about special game versions (deck master e.g.).
  • Some texts for the tip cards are still missing or are only incomplete.
  • etc.

Known errors:
  • Sometimes the FireFox has problems in some places of the side.
(C) der Seite by Rolf Mertens, myCards©; Yu-Gi-Oh! ist Warenzeichen + (c) von Kazuki Takahashi + Studio Dice. In Deutschland verlegt von Konami bzw. UDE.

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